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Remembering Bachelorette Rachel

I want all y’all to know I’m here for you. I truly am. It’s been almost six months since we first met Bachelorette Rachel when ABC posted Bachelor Nick’s line-up of women. That’s when we learned an attractive lawyer named Rachel was ready to ditch the esquire in lieu of a M.R.S. degree. She wanted a guy who loves ‘90s country music and Justin Bieber. Clearly she didn’t find these

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Meet Bachelorette Rachel’s Guys

Bachelorette Rachel’s Suitors: Can you believe that we are about to launch into Season 13 of The Bachelorette? It’s hard to believe that we have cycled through that many ladies looking for love after they didn’t find it on The Bachelor. Doesn’t it seem like yesterday that Trista and Ryan were pouring blue and pink sand together in a tall jar from Pottery Barn during their live televised wedding to

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Harrison Breaks Down Rachel’s Dudes

For the first time in Bachelor franchise history, Our Host Chris Harrison took to social media to give us a glimpse into the thirty-one men (that’s right, THIRTY-ONE MEN) who will by vying for the heart of bachelorette Rachel. In doing so, our favorite host broke the Internet. Here’s what Harrison had to say when headshots of the suitors appeared on the right: Adam — “Something special will happen on

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