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Bachelorette Hannah Finale Recap Part 2: Hannah Gets Clarity

Hannah found a man. Hooray! Then she dumped him for lying to everyone. Hooray again! Then she landed a date with her runner-up. So weird! I’ll admit that when Hannah told Bachelor Nation “I don’t even know how this will end,” I was intrigued. I was also extremely irritated that her vague tease caused me to watch part two of the finale with a cautious heart. I never really invested

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Bachelorette Hannah Finale Recap: Four Times

UUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH. I had to get that out. These two-part season finales with mysterious “I don’t know what will happen” teases are THE WORST. On a scale of one to Hannah, where do you come down on this opinion? Oh yes, I went there, thanks to the gathering of individuals who watched the first part of Hannah’s journey to break hearts. Many of you are not happy campers that our girl dumped

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Bachelorette Hannah Recap: Luke Tells All-Ish

I’ve been watching this show long enough, and hopefully you’ve been reading this recap long enough, to know that the men and women telling all is my least favorite episode of the season. It’s always a let down, except for that one time when Jason pulled a Mesnick and said “just kidding” by switching from his final pick Melissa Rycroft to the runner-up Molly What’sHerName on national television. Now that’s

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Bachelorette Hannah Recap: Fantasy Suites

As the episode wrapped with Bachelorette Hannah flipping off the rejection SUV that carried Luke into the onset of a tropical storm, I took a moment to marvel at the two-hour spectacular which will forever be known in Bachelor Nation as “the windmill episode.”  Never have I gasped at the television so ardently or wavered in my ability to pick a lane as to which suitor I think will win

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Bachelorette Hannah Recap: Hometown Dates

Much like that creepy gang member guy who challenges Danny Zuko to a race at Thunder Road, Hannah Brown lives by the same credo: “The rules are…there ain’t no rules.” She’s a woman who needs clarity and if that means she has to shake things up the way they are traditionally done in the Bachelor franchise, so be it. This is her life at stake, people. And she’s not going

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