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Bachelorette Becca recap: Gridiron Guys

Bachelorette Becca Recap: Week 3 Our show opens with a rainy day. Bachelorette Becca’s guys wander around the house not knowing what to do with themselves. Some linger around the kitchen bar in their favorite beanie hats watching others cook eggs. Lots and lots of eggs. Right in front of The Chicken, no less. When I saw one guy reading an actual book, I knew we were in for a

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Bachelorette Becca recap: Turn down for what

Wow. It’s week two and Bachelorette Becca is already showing signs that this journey to find love is going to full of road blocks and detours. In fact, the entire cast seems to be hyper-sensitive about her every move. Many have expressed deep feelings after their ninety-second meet and greet from night one, while others have succumbed to testosterone-filled acts of aggression. And poor David is called about by Our

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Bachelorette Becca recap: Chicken Dance

Hi there! My name is Lincee Ray and I’ve been recapping The Bachelor since 2003. No, I did not lose a bet, nor is this my everyday job. I simply adore Our Host Chris Harrison and feel it is my duty to support him wherever he goes. One of these days, he will acknowledge my adoration by appointing me as his personal assistant. I will finally be able to confirm

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IHGB Podcast 53: Bachelorette Becca’s Guys

I’m thrilled to bring you the episode you’ve been waiting on for months now…Bachelorette Becca has a list of suitors! When we last saw Bachelorette Becca, she was nursing some pretty serious wounds after her appearance on After the Final Rose. Arie proposed. Then he took it back with a harsh PSYCHE! So the producers over at ABC said, “Let’s make this girl the next bachelorette and get her hitched!”

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Meet Bachelorette Becca’s Beaus

When Our Host Chris Harrison announced Bachelorette Becca’s beaus live on Facebook, I was ecstatic. I adore LIVE Harrison with my whole heart. There were glitches on the monitor and he handled them like a boss. A boss whose turquoise blue eyes pierce my soul. A boss who smells like three fingers of whiskey, worn leather, and heroism and knows how to wear the hell out of a navy blue

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