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Bachelorette Des Recap: Loke is in the Air

After last week’s show, ABC led us to believe that Episode 7 would be full of grown men sobbing over railings in exotic locations, holding back tears at the rose ceremony and breaking down in rejection limos. Shame on me for buying into the producers’ tricky editing. There was only one emotional moment in the entire two hours and that was the Federal Prosecutor crying to his Mom. Instead of

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Vicodin induced haze

I’m hopped up on Vicodin.  Anything that I say in this post may not be used against me in the future. Looks familiar doesn’t it?  That’s right dear readers.  I had a little knee surgery on Friday.  Nothing to be worried about.  Just a rare, weird piece of tissue  stuck under my knee that needed to be removed.  The good news is that you are reading the words of case

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The search is on

The search is on for Jillian to find a non-crazy man. The search is on for something to write about in today’s post. But most importantly, the search is on to find my unicorn.  Clearly, I need to find a meadow with colorful flowers, bubbly river and enchanted forest animals underneath a rainbow to find said unicorn.  No problem.  In the meantime, you guys feel free to sound off here.  The

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