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IHGB Podcast #128: Good-Bye Dean, Hello Connor

In this episode of the iHateGreenBeans podcast, Some Guy in Austin and I remove the snooze fest that was The Goose and Krystal’s wedding and instead concentrate on more important things. There was a verbal argument.A Disney princess strutted her stuff.A mustache caused tears that were immediately wiped away by a boy. A very tall boy. EPISODE NOTES Want to read the full recap for episodes 7 and 8? Click the numbers! SHOW

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Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Mr. and Mrs. The Goose

The morning after the Bachelor airs, I spend roughly six to eight delightful minutes chatting with radio personalities Jessica and Murphy over at Star 104 in Erie, PA.  FYI: “Radio personalities” are the voices that come out of your car speakers when you punch that button that says FM/AM. It’s not artificial intelligence. These are not distant relatives of SIRI or ALEXA. They are real, breathing people. Anyway, our conversation

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Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Tight Speedo

When I asked my friend Amy which Bachelor in Paradise episode number we were on, the answer jolted me. At first, six seemed like a lot in a short amount of time. Conversely, I feel like I’ve been watching this season of Bachelor in Paradise since the Obama administration. Especially since last night’s episode lacked in dramatic interludes or comedic relief.  So Hot in Here Tahzjuan is back. For those

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Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Bachelor Derek?

It all makes sense now. Bachelor in Paradise is just a front for a reality show spinoff about show producers slowly introducing everyone’s ex or former flame into the mix. And since everyone at Stagecoach has conveniently landed on the beach, they switched to Demi’s love life.  It’s Paradise, people. Anything can happen. Girl Kristian (Not the Soccer Player) When we last left the show, Demi had requested the a

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Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Zero Tolerance Policy

If you thought the opening scenes of this episode was going to rival the scripted greatness of The Rock laying the smack down on someone by giving him or her “the people’s eyebrow,” then you were one-percent correct. Other than a somewhat impressive body slam by Jordan, the remaining ten minute brawl could only be described as a kerfuffle.  Sure Christian ripped off his own shirt as a sign of

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