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Dancing with the Stars recap: Season 23 Finale

If you haven’t watched the show yet, beware: SPOILERS AHEAD! The Dancing with the Stars Season 23 finale strung me through a melodramatic wringer. It was a two-hour smorgasbord of concerns and reactions that I have painstakingly listed below in chronological order. I’d love to know if you too experienced any of the same emotions. Or add some of your own feels to the comment section! Nauseated by the sexy Santa

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Dancing with the Stars recap: Finals

Dancing with the Stars recap: The Finals Part 1 The two-part Dancing with the Stars finale opened with a confession from Erin Andrews that she was physically unable to lift her arms thanks to the bounds of her tight, hot pink dress. I thought she was going to confess that there was a high likelihood the audience would see her boobs by the end of the night. Her dress made

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