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Bachelor Colton Recap: Dropping Like Flies

Hello friends! When we last left Colton, he was wandering up and down the seashore trying to remember all the reasons he agreed to be the bachelor. There’s the InstaFame, dating up to twenty-five women at one time, perhaps finding a wife, the swiping of his v-card, cool clothes, stamps in his passport, and being best friends with Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel. What he didn’t expect was the catty drama,

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Bachelor Colton Recap: Welcome to the Jungle

Well here we are. It’s week five of Bachelor Colton’s journey and he’s right on track for a nervous breakdown. He’s frustrated with all of the crazy drama that surprisingly has nothing to do with a pageant feud and devastated that there are some women in his potential wife roster who may not be there for the right reasons, right reasons. What’s a guy to do? How should he handle

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