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Bachelor Colton Recap: Camp Colton

When The Bachelor kicks off 120 minutes of Colton “waking up in bed,” documenting himself video selfie style, you know producers were asked to turn it up a notch and this is the best they could do. Of course, Colton’s pretend sleepy-eyed confession that he and his ladies were going to a theater to “tell stories about our firsts” was followed by a gratuitous shower scene. It’s been seventeen years.

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Meet Bachelor Colton’s Ladies

Wednesday night I set my alarm to sound off at 11:45 AM Thursday morning. Our Host Chris Harrison posted that he would be announcing the gaggle of women vying for the heart of Bachelor Colton live on Facebook. And we all know Our Host Chris Harrison is at his best when he’s unbridled and live.  I don’t know why I was unprepared emotionally to see him again. Many moons have

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Colton is the next bachelor

Well, in case you’ve been busy living life and, I don’t know, doing your job this morning, you may have missed that Colton is the next bachelor. Yes, that Colton. The one who just left Tia on a beach bed in a pile of emotional turmoil, top knot astray with a drippy nose and big tears threatening the integrity of each individual fake eyelash. Now some feel this is a

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