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‘Dancing with the Stars’ Recap: Bad Girl

Dancing with the Stars Recap 2020Villain Night This week, I’ve decided to write my recap in the form of a series of questions that either affected me or had me puzzled on Villain Night. If you care to comment or answer any of these queries, feel free to leave a message below!  Why does Tyra Banks treat the opening of Dancing with the Stars as a runway? And is it necessary

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ Recap: So Many Tears

Dancing with the Stars Recap 2020 |Season 29, Episode 6 | There are all sorts of wacky happenings going on in my schedule, thanks to The Bachelorette airing on Tuesday nights instead of Mondays. I’ve never recapped Dancing with the Stars in addition to seasons from the Bachelor franchise at the same time. Traditionally, they are on opposite rotations on ABC and dueling recaps are never an issue. Most of

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ Recap: This is LIVE TV

Dancing with the Stars Recap 2020: Episode 4 It’s episode four of Dancing with the Stars and this is the week that all the professionals demand that their partners really show up for the judges. Now is the time to pull away from the proverbial safe pack and really go for broke.  Tyra shares that this is also the week that our “stars” will be sharing emotional stories about his

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ Disney Week Recap

Dancing with the Stars Disney Week Recap: Episode 3 Sometimes I want to bless Tyra’s heart. I’m bothered by her inability to ask manageable follow-up questions to a contestant who is trying to catch his or her breath after a ninety-second runaround we like to call a quickstep. I also wish that she didn’t utter “get it?” when she executes a well-delivered pun.  But her illuminated Minnie Mouse dress paired with

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ Recap: Chest Hair Debate

Dancing with the Stars Recap: Episode 2 It’s an elimination episode and Tyra did not come to play. How do we know? Easy. Look no further than her gladiator dress. There’s a bunch of symbolism going on in that one outfit. I’m not sure what her visible pair of black Spanx are trying to say, but I know it’s something fierce.  Producers read the blog last week and took my

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