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IHGB Podcast #151: All My Exes

Well, it’s week 4 of Peter the Pilot’s journey to find love and it is a doozy.  Some Guy in Austin and I discuss the sheer coincidence that Victoria F’s former flame, country music star Chase Rice, just HAPPENED to be on her one-on-one date in a Cleveland-adjacent amusement park. What are the odds? Then we insert ourselves into the mutinous bandwagon, tossing up a few AMENS, as we debate

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Bachelorette Hannah recap: She calls the shots

Apart from the three tragic stories and Hannah’s visit to the hospital, I was thoroughly entertained by week three of Bachelorette Hannah’s journey to find love. I will say that she and John Paul Jones need to do a better job of pacing themselves. Between Hannah having an emotional breakdown once or twice during each episode and John Paul Jones tossing back the chicken McNuggets like Tic Tacs, ABC needs

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Bachelorette Hannah Recap: Finding Mr. Right

We live in a world where a woman’s journey to find love is inaugurated by a few drag queens cat calling eight men who have agreed to wear man panties on national television in order to be crowned Mr. Right. Some say it’s strange. I call it “Monday Night.” Hannah’s crop of dudes are an interesting bunch. Never in my fifteen seasons of recapping The Bachelorette have I been more

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Bachelor Colton Finale: Colton has a girlfriend and we have a bachelorette!

It was touch and go there for a while during the two hour FINAL season finale of Bachelor Colton’s journey to find a wife. Sure he settled for a girlfriend, but there was all sorts of drama, according to Our Host Chris Harrison, that led to Colton’s decision to be cool with a girl who doesn’t really like him that way but is willing to travel around the continental US

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Bachelor Colton Recap: Hometown Etiquette

It’s an important week and Colton knows it. He spends a little more time in the shower, soaping up his chest while contemplating how weird it is that a cameraman is peeping through the glass. A quick glance in the mirror confirms that Colton is ready. He musks up, packs a tiny overnight bag, and heads to Virginia to begin his cross-country journey to figure out which family he wants

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