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Bachelor Mesnick Recap: This Bust’s For You

As I mentioned, Netflix is airing Jason Mesnick’s season and I couldn’t be more pleased. It was a season before high definition, black modesty boxes, and statement necklaces, but it was still glorious. Join me as we walk down an eleven-year-old Memory Lane into the dramatic tales of Jason Mesnick and his journey to find love! Originally posted January 20, 2009 We begin the crazy journey at the Barbie mansion, where

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Bachelor Colton Finale: Colton has a girlfriend and we have a bachelorette!

It was touch and go there for a while during the two hour FINAL season finale of Bachelor Colton’s journey to find a wife. Sure he settled for a girlfriend, but there was all sorts of drama, according to Our Host Chris Harrison, that led to Colton’s decision to be cool with a girl who doesn’t really like him that way but is willing to travel around the continental US

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Bachelor Colton Recap: Dropping Like Flies

Hello friends! When we last left Colton, he was wandering up and down the seashore trying to remember all the reasons he agreed to be the bachelor. There’s the InstaFame, dating up to twenty-five women at one time, perhaps finding a wife, the swiping of his v-card, cool clothes, stamps in his passport, and being best friends with Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel. What he didn’t expect was the catty drama,

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Bachelor Colton Recap: Yo ho

I have to hand it to The Bachelor. After twenty-seven seasons, you’d think we would have showcased a pageant scandal on the franchise, but no. Mike Fleiss had to search near and far to find two best friend former beauty queens, willing to go on national television to unleash their inner beasts. And let us not forget the teeny tiny pirate wench who doesn’t want to be associated with the

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