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IHGB #99: King George

After attending the George Strait concert at the Houston Rodeo, my love for the King of Country was invigorated. Naturally, I had to talk about it with my roommate Lara. In a phrase? George looks G-O-O-D. Way to keep it tight, Mr. Strait! EPISODE NOTES George has a new album coming out called “Honky Tonk Time Machine” that sounds pretty good! If you’re in for a “so bad, it’s good”

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Sticky Music

This month is always crazy. Every year I look up from eating leftover Valentine’s Day candy I purchased for sixty-percent-off at Target and it’s somehow already the end of March. How does that happen? I’ll tell you how. Because I’m the person who should have her head examined for launching back-to-back books in consecutive years. Note to reader: Don’t ever do that. It’s a Love Story comes out on April

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