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IHGB #190: Hallmark Christmas Movies 2020 Preview

Hello everyone! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Stephanie and I break down all the Hallmark movies of 2020 while providing our recommendations on which to watch based solely on the Hallmark app’s information. Tis the season! As we tick through all 23 titles found on the regular Hallmark channel, we learn that some storylines were written with us in mind. If it’s royal, we are there. Is

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Hallmark Christmas Movie Review: Welcome to Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movies: Welcome to Christmas Starring: Eric Mabius and Jennifer FinniganTrailer: You’re looking at the main guy and wondering where he’s from, aren’t you?  Never fear. The mystery has been solved. My roommate Lara used a tool as powerful as, dare I say, The Google, to Sherlock her way into working out this enigma. All hail the Internet Movie Database.   I convinced myself that he was just “rugged handsome guy” and continued

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