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We have a winner

Congratulations to the winner of the 4th Annual IHGB Halloween Photo Contest! Fly high, Witt. And don’t leave Grant behind!

4th Annual Halloween Costume Contest

Let’s get excited for the 4th Annual iHateGreenBeans photo contest! This is truly the time of year when I have the most fun basking in all of your creativity. It equally makes me feel inspired and then a little bit losery when all I do is put on a headband with ears and call it a day. (I’m a mouse…duh.) Your mission is simple: Send me a photo of yourself,

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3rd Annual Halloween Photo Contest — RESULTS

I had a list and that list said, “POST HALLOWEEN RESULTS ON THURSDAY.” Then life got in the way of that list, so here we are on Friday. Bless my heart, it’s been one of those weeks. Fortunately, Ryan decided to celebrate with me yesterday on his birthday: And just like that, all was right with the world. I know most of you didn’t come here to see me in

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Let’s put it to a vote!

Instead of organizing my Halloween photo contest last week, I decided to celebrate turning 40-years-old for several days in a row. In fact, I’m still celebrating! While I come down from this high, why don’t you scroll through these AMAZING Halloween costumes and vote for your favorites in the comment section! The top five votes will get a super-cool IHGB magnet. That’s right. A MAGNET. Let the costume parade begin!

3rd Annual Halloween Photo Contest

Let’s get excited for the 3rd Annual iHateGreenBeans Photo Contest! Your mission is simple: send me a photo of yourself, child, sibling, significant other or pet in a Halloween costume and I will post the most creative ones on my website next Thursday. That gives you plenty of time to come down from your sugar high on Saturday, as well as adjust to the time change on Sunday. Simply email

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