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Bacheorette Hannah Recap: 40 Minutes of Drama

I am a professional Bachelor franchise recapper. Since 2003, I have settled in front of my television to watch someone’s journey to find love. There are definitely highs. There are certainly lows. I scream. I rejoice. I once did a little dance.  I’ve learned what’s attractive (kiss up against the wall) and what’s not (calling yourself ABC), but never in my sixteen years of doing this have I been somewhat

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Bachelorette Hannah Recap: The Luke Ness Monster

Last week I was really worried about Bachelorette Hannah. She appeared to have a permanent seat on the struggle bus. Her picker seemed to be off kilter and her inability to recognize the giant red flag waving in her face was concerning. This week, I’m worried about the guys. First of all, the hero hair has taken a life of its own. Is the damp Highland climate causing it to

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Bachelorette Hannah recap: She calls the shots

Apart from the three tragic stories and Hannah’s visit to the hospital, I was thoroughly entertained by week three of Bachelorette Hannah’s journey to find love. I will say that she and John Paul Jones need to do a better job of pacing themselves. Between Hannah having an emotional breakdown once or twice during each episode and John Paul Jones tossing back the chicken McNuggets like Tic Tacs, ABC needs

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