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Hurricane Harvey 2.0

The Hurricane Harvey rubble in this picture belongs to Kyle and Jennifer. I “know” Jennifer because she is the woman who leads worship during a Bible study I attend on Wednesday afternoons through Yes. Ministries, headed up by one of my favorites, Laura Seifert. Get this — Jennifer has eight kids. Her ninth one is due in two days. Laura and her friends, many who have extensive flood damage themselves, are

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I Hate Green Beans Podcast 13: Hurricane Harvey Relief

After writing about what we went through during Hurricane Harvey, I decided to tackle the “what now?” via podcast. The show is full of useful information about what’s actually happening today, what we are expecting later, and how we are going to stay strong in the meantime. My roommate Lara and I discuss how you can help in specific ways, in general ways, and how our friend Alissa is mobilizing

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Dear Readers, I’m not going to sugar coat anything in this post. What you are seeing on the news is not sensationalized. Houston is in desperate need of your prayers. You’ve seen the hurricane Harvey coverage. You know what’s going on. Many of you have reached out and to this minute (because we are not out of the woods yet), I lift my hands in thankful praise that we still

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