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The Big Reveal: Part 1

When I asked y’all to guess my big news, I never expected so many people to *wish* for me to be the next host of the After Paradise show. Although that is not my announcement, I appreciate those of you who think I could even form sentences, let alone be funny, in that particular scenario. Our Host Chris Harrison + LIVE TELEVISION = Lincee turning a wicked shade of green.

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There is no stopping me from reaching the four corners of the world in my quest to educate all humans that green beans are disgusting. And this certainly helps my case: Yes ladies and gentlemen…that is a severed snake head.  Nestled in a frozen bag of cut green beans. Further proof that the horrid vegetable is EVIL. (Thanks to IHGB reader Lucy for sending me this FoxNEWS link!)


I know it says Okra chips in this picture, but if you notice to the left, the sign clearly reads “green bean chips.”  Someone who was mentally incapacitated for a brief moment, picked up this monstrosity and studied the contents, only to be grossed out and replaced the disgusting item back in the okra section. Green bean chips. How can someone take something as good and wholesome as CHIPS and screw

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