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IHGB Halloween Costume Contest Finalists

I’m beat. After sifting through too many photos to count, the IHGB Halloween Costume Contest Committee has narrowed the huge batch down to the following twenty-three finalists. I know. Twenty-three is such a wonky number. It bothers me, but it had to be that way. Now it’s up to you to pick the big winner! Voting is easy. Simply scroll through the photos below. If you click on them, you’ll

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5th Annual IHGB Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Thank you to all who participated and voted in the 5th Annual IHGB Halloween Costume Contest. There were so many votes through comments, social media, and emails. Great job campaigning, everyone! The race was mighty close in all divisions, but these were the ones who prevailed! Congratulations winners! GROUP DIVISION 3.  Atkins Family Laundry ADULT DIVISION 9.  Red Barrel of Red Monkeys KID DIVISION 18. Here Comes the Sun PET

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