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Earth Day

When I think back on memories of Earth Day, one image comes to mind. Guzzling water like a dehydrated fool, which I did one year. I lived in Dallas and there was a big Earth Day movement that involved planting a garden or planting a tree or digging something in the dirt. I forgot that our office team members signed up to be on an Earth Day Squad, so I

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IHGB Playlist: Album Obsession

I have a problem. And album obsession problem. Some of you right now are thinking, “No duh, Lincee.” That’s right. I’ve called you out. And I’m also bringing back “no duh.” Here’s the deal: I’ve rotated the following five albums on Spotify for the last several weeks and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. And since I’m clearly obsessed, I thought you might enjoy being obsessed, too! A Star

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IHGB Playlist: Songs That Go Bump in the Night

I tried to get creative with this catalog. Let’s just say I wanted to think outside of the box (coffin?) with my 2017 Halloween playlist. I’ve compiled two and a half hours of ghoulish, musical fun for you and any kiddos you may be carting around in tiny costumes that look like woodland creatures. The Halloween playlist also works as eerie background music for adults who are stuck at home

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