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IHGB Podcast #64: Bachelorette Becca Finale

We made it to the finale! Can you believe it? It seems like yesterday we were shaking our fists at Arie for dumping Becca on national television. Yet here she is, no longer on a journey to find love. Some Guy in Austin and I break down the episode, talk about road trip food for some reason, and gear up for watching nine thousand hours of Bachelor in Paradise. Join

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IHGB Podcast #63: Bachelorette Becca Men Tell All

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s the Men Tell All episode on The Bachelorette and the men tell it all while wearing brightly colored jackets and pedal pushers. Some Guy in Austin and I discuss our dislike for the cropped pant trend first, then we take a sharp left turn tangent on another topic and I laugh harder than I have in a long time. We also discuss all things Bachelor in

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IHGB Podcast #62: Bachelorette Becca Fantasy Suites

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s a very important week for Bachelorette Becca. We’ve reached the forgo card dates and Becca has to make big time decisions, like who will sleep in the yurt? Who will she make cross the threshold? Who will have to eat crickets? Clearly, we have a lot to discuss A quick warning for those of you who may have small ears listening along with you. Although this

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IHGB Podcast 61: Bachelorette Becca Hometowns

Happy Wednesday everyone! Bachelorette Becca is off to join the remaining four guys on the infamous hometown dates. All seem relatively normal, which is a bummer, but never fear. Some Guy in Austin and I discuss our favorite wackado family members of the past. And because this is the most dramatic season ever, we argue about who goes home next week and who will be the last man standing. We

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IHGB Podcast 60: Bachelorette Becca Week 7

Week 7 in Becca’s journey to find love takes us to the Bahamas. Some Guy in Austin and I discuss all sorts of factoids about these little islands. We make a bet that involves romphims. I giggle for way too long about the Dierks Bentley song “I Hold On.” We even manage to talk about four somewhat stable dates and who we think Becca will ditch next week after hometowns. And in with tradition of us forgetting

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