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IHGB Podcast #109: The Wedding Singer

I am super excited for you to listen to this episode of the love story series (sponsored by my book It’s a Love Story! (On sale now!) Today I host fellow bachelor recapper, podcaster, and author KNOX McCOY as we discuss The Wedding Singer. Thanks to our mutual friend Melanie Shankle, I started following Knox’s podcast THE POPCAST a few years ago and I haven’t turned back. If you love pop culture, you

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IHGB Podcast #101: Twilight

I am beyond excited to start a new series this week sponsored by my book “It’s a Love Story.” It’s out on April 30, but available for pre-order now, and if you do pre-order, you’re going to get tons of fun bonuses that one one else receives. Click HERE for details. And if you’re interested in joining my launch team, click HERE! This love story series is all about romantic

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