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We are studying the book of Exodus in church. I marvel at how God rescued His people out of bondage by a man named Moses in the form of Charlton Heston. I also marvel at the fact that five seconds later (figuratively), the Israelites begin to complain about their unfortunate circumstances. They grumble: What’s up with this desert? Are we ever going to stop? Have we been abandoned? Are we there yet? Is this what our

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I wanna see you be brave

In the final days of my senior year, I asked all of my friends to write down one word that described me in my yearbook. Instead of a long soliloquy of how we had such a great time learning life lessons in the classrooms of Hallsville High School, I wanted to know how these important people of my youth would remember me. How did I make an impact in their

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The Eternal Why

My niece recently tested my patience. I had to both hold my tongue and resist the temptation to hide in a closet because she kept asking one little question over and over and over again: Why? Y’all, I thought I was going to lose it. Why is the sky blue? Why won’t my baby doll blink her eyes? Why are we having lasagna for dinner? Why can’t I watch Sponge Bob?

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