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Listen To Your Heart Finale Recap: Give Me Love

Well, that didn’t go in the direction I thought it would.  After six weeks (which felt like the entire summer), my Listen To Your Heart dreams of Matt and Rudi falling in love during the season finale were dashed in the first fifteen minutes of the two-hour spectacle. Bless all of our hearts. Poor Matt was unable to continue his relationship with Rudi once the phrase “fantasy suite” exited Our

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IHGB #168: Listen To Your Conscious

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for tuning in this week. We are down to four couples and when the end of the journey is no longer a dot in the distance, things get real. You learn who is in love, who’s faking it, and who wants this more than anyone else.  In this episode Some Guy in Austin and I continue to tackle some of the greatest questions surrounding this

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IHGB #167: Listen To Your Loins

Thanks so much for tuning in this week! I’ve had such a fun time trying to figure out Listen To Your Heart with Some Guy in Austin. Analyzing this show has become one of my greatest pleasures during social distancing.  In this episode we answer some of the greatest questions surrounding this show. For example:  Is Julia the worst? Who is choosing Jamie’s wardrobe?Is Natascha the worst?Do Nelly and Tim McGraw

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Listen To Your Heart Recap: Clarity

Just when you think you’ve figured out Listen To Your Heart, Our Host Chris Harrison comes in and does what he does best. He rattles cages. He pokes the beehive. He mixes thing up.  And he smiles while doing it. All couples are still riding high on their first performance. They all gather together to rehash the harmonious details from the night before. Most individuals are hard core pretending that

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IHGB #166: Listen To Your Mean Girl

Great news, people! We sort of, in a roundabout vague way, finally know what Listen To Your Heart is all about! Shout out to week 3 for extending those important details. It’s a singing competition with a love component, yes, and the couples are judged, sure, but what we don’t know is HOW these duets are scored. Do we have parameters? Is there a handy leader board? Will the judges

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