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Exclusive free screening of ‘The Intern’

My friends over at Warner Bros. were kind enough to provide my fashion guru Natalie Weakly of Signature Style with an opportunity to give away tickets to an advanced free screening of The Intern. And I decided to tag along! We are extremely excited to be hosting this event with a few other Houstonians and would love for you to come out and meet us! Here are the details:

Lessons learned from ‘Pretty Woman’

The movie Pretty Woman is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year. First of all, where did the time go? Second of all, Lord help me slow it down. I was way too young to see this delightful movie debut on the big screen, but I did fall in love with it a few years later. It never occurred to me to feel weird about Vivian’s occupation. I can overlook tons

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I needed this reminder today. Maybe you do too. Happy Monday!