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Bachelor in Paradise recap: Always a bridesmaid

Bachelor in Paradise recap: Episode 2 I have a bone to pick with the peeps in the editing booth. Why promo a Chad freak out and then not deliver? I distinctly remember a Hulk-like version of Chad wreaking havoc in the tree house before stumbling off the island. I haven’t been this disappointed since JoJo’s brothers were normal. What gives? Sure Chad was angry when he got the boot from

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Bachelor in Paradise recap: Dolla, dolla bills y’all

Bachelor in Paradise Recap Season 3, Episode 1: The thing I admire about Bachelor in Paradise is that it knows it’s a hot, sticky, bathe-in-antibacterial-soap mess. Here in Paradise, no one bothers to differentiate between The Twins, you find yourself agreeing and rooting for Nick Viall, Jorge makes sure the drinks flow freely and The Chad is kicked out by My Hero Chris Harrison the day after he arrives. Clearly,

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