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NBC’s ‘Undateable’ picked up for a second season

Who says these guys are undateable? They asked us on a second date! #Undateable pic.twitter.com/LNjbINE1VD — Undateable (@NBCUndateable) August 1, 2014 I’m so excited that my beloved Justin, his leather-loving mentor and band of bumbling adorkable friends will be gracing us with their presence in the fall. This news definitely calls for a slow motion celebration.

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I’m not sure if Undateable is going to make it to NBC’s fall schedule, but I am having a ball recapping the show! This week I watched back-to-back episodes, so once again, you have not one but two recaps to hopefully enjoy! Click, click, click HERE for the first one and HERE for the second! This has been burning up the World Wide Web. Some say it’s fake. I say

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