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World Cup Hunk: Oui, s’il vous plaît

IHGB reader Cecily introduced me to our World Cup hunk of the minute Yoann Gourcuff.  And for that, I am truly forever in her debt. Because I’m convinced that if Yoann and I ever crossed paths, I’m pretty sure we would totally date.  I’ve suffered many hours of Google image research on this French midfielder and have come up with the following conclusions: Yoann is a fun-loving guy.  I’m a

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World Cup Hunk, the sequel

Meet Iker Casillas. He’s pensive. He’s playful. He rocks a suit and facial scruff while bouncing a soccer ball. And he’s a passionate keeper of goals. Here’s hoping we can add: “He takes his shirt off in celebration of Spain’s win over Switzerland” after Wednesday’s match.