Team Peeta

Now that THAT’S out of the way, I’m ready to hash it out with all the tributes out there who are inevitably lining up to see Hunger Games as I type this sentence. Oh how I wish I was right there with you!

There will more than likely be spoilers in the comment section. If you haven’t read the books, A.) what are you waiting for? and B.) don’t send me hate email because you don’t know what a Peeta is and C.) check back later this weekend for a cool post in which you WILL be able to participate.

So? What scenes are you MOST looking forward to? I’ve got two words for you: THE CAVE.

Here’s hoping the odds are ever in this movie’s favor. Otherwise, we might as well make the catch phrase “Twilight 2.0” happen. It could totally be a trend on Twitter.



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