That’s All She Wrote

You guys are too sweet. Thanks for worrying about me. Lots of family/friend issues that popped up THE NIGHT I posted my Oklahoma blog. It’s all under control now. But I do feel there is no good reason to post an After the Rose recap. I typically never do an after the rose because they are lame. Not to mention that it was so long ago.

There’s only so much I can say about how cute Trista is pregnant and how hot Ryan still is. We can sit around and debate exactly how long is TOO LONG to be engaged and then discuss intervention techniques to use on Mary Mary and the fisherman. I could say that I held my breath every time Psycho Stephanie moved, hoping that the ladies wouldn’t pop out to say hello. I could spend a good paragraph on how cute Chris Harrison is and how adorable he was holding his note cards with Lieutenant Andy Baldwin on the back. Or how he made Bevin almost cry asking her “Don’t you wonder what was wrong with YOU” when she sported her jailhouse dress and pink cast with diamonds. Or how he told Andy, “I can’t believe you picked the girl with the muffin joke!” Classic Bachelor is what I would say. We could compare notes on the times that I got mad at the good doctor for, I don’t know, grabbing Bev’s knee–twice–and telling her that she will always hold a piece of his heart. I would ask you if you saw the chick crying in the studio audience and wonder aloud if she was related to the American Idol chick crying in their studio audience.

But there is no time for that. So I’ve decided to end the Bachelor season with a list of things I’m going to do until we meet again this fall. Prepare yourself for a complete smorgasbord of random nothingness. This is the true beauty that is Lincee. I present it to you now!

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: I’ve seen it. I love Captain Jack and the monkey. The movie? About an hour and a half too long. On the bright side…Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom for almost three hours. Hmmm. Tricky. Very tricky.

Saw SpiderMan 3. I’m sorry if you are a Tobey fan, but he can’t pull off the scary black Spidey suit. I’m just saying.

So You Think You Can Dance: Favorite summer TV show.

Order of Phoenix: You know you think Harry Potter is cute too. Let’s form a support group.

Hand & Foot Extravaganza: THE best card game in the world.

What Goes Around: Determined to get the catchy Justin Timberlake song OUT of my head.

Going to read three books by the time we meet again. Of course, the final Harry Potter will be one for sure. I’ll be the dork with all the other 12-year-olds at Barnes and Noble around midnight to pick up my copy. “Calm My Anxious Heart” for Bible study. And one chick lit novel that I’ve been told is pretty good…”Time Travler’s Wife.”

Mimi turns 92! I wish you were all lucky enough to know my crazy grandmother.

10 pounds: The amount of weight I will lose before the baby shower I’m attending for a high school friend. Going to see six girls that I haven’t seen in about three years. Luckily, most of them will be big and pregnant and I can look fabulous and single from the big city! And then I’ll cry in my glass plate of dainty fruits, crackers and pink sugary dinner mints. Fun times! Launch of my new blogsite…coming soon!

Thanks for the well wishes truely. It’s been a crazy week and I thank you for your concern. Until we meet this fall…make sure to check the other blogsite for my random nothingness!

All about the shame, not the fame,


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