The men in my life

Teel: almost five

Jackson: two

Benjamin: almost two

Sam: brand new

And I’m in love with all four!

These are the sons of four dear friends who are gracious enough to let me share in the lives of their children. Caroline (Teel’s mom) took these photos just for fun. She’s known for her ability to capture cherished moments. She typically takes actions shots during birthday parties or while we are just hanging out and comes away with amazing photos. She has a true talent and should go into business for herself taking lifestyle pictures. And I can be her assistant, because nine times out of 10, it’s me making a fool of myself in the background to get them to look and smile!

I’m blessed to have these boys in my life and plan on teaching them all the important things that guys should know in this world. For instance:

1. Learn how to dance. Even if you don’t want to, do it. Girls like boys who can dance.
2. Be a gentleman. Open doors and help old ladies off the bus. And don’t text while I’m talking to you.
3. Lighting your farts on fire is funny once. Choose wisely when you will enter this “club” and then call me so we can compare stories.
4. Recognize how wonderful your Mama is and tell her often that you love her as I do.


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