The Men of June

We are reaching triple digit temperatures here in Houston. When you walk outside, it’s like you’re stepping into someone’s mouth. Or armpit.

With that said, I think it’s time to salute the boys of summer with these “Cute Boys and Dr Pepper” finalists. Careful, it’s going to get really hot in this post. Proceed with caution!

1. Say Cheese

Gainsville, Georgia IHGB reader Rachel submitted this photo of her husband Mike affectionately cradling a 2-liter Dr Pepper alongside his friend Jon. I like to think Jon is all, “Dude…you drank the entire Dr Pepper!” and Mike is all, “NEVER FEAR! We’re going to win a year’s supply because my awesome wife reads this awesome website. Now smile like you mean it!”

2. Perfection

Bryan from Birmingham is experiencing what is probably the perfect day. What better way to celebrate summer than fishing and hanging with friends on your pimped out boat wearing a super cool hat, sweet shades, a rockin’ life jacket and an ice cold Dr Pepper straight out of the cooler? Keep livin Bryan…L-I-V-I-N.

3. King of the World

Leo is 14 months old from Baton Rouge, LA. How cute is this little guy? His mom Kristin told me that he has a tendency to stealthily sneak Dr Peppers out of the refrigerator. I bet he carries them around like a security blanket. I totally get this kid.

4. Surf’s Up

Meet Mark from Austin. He and his friend Casey were the first to send me an official proposal as to why Mark should be Mr. June. I think there may have been an outline and formal PowerPoint presentation. Clearly, he has skills. Anyone who loves Dr Pepper so much that he carries it out onto the lake with him certainly has a love for the glorious 23 flavors that rivals my own. Good times Mark. Call me.

5. He Works Hard for the Money

Sarah won’t let her 16-month old son Mason drink a refreshing Dr Pepper while he’s working hard out in the yard. (One day kid…it’s going to be AWESOME!) As a compromise, she lets him carry the straw and lid from her own Dr Pepper while wearing her “I’m a Pepper” hat. That’s good parenting people. We should all take notes.

There you have it! The men of June have been revealed and it’s up to you to vote for your favorites in the comment section, Facebook or email. The winner will be announced Sunday night. Good luck!


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