The Men of September

It’s that time again my friends.  It’s time to scroll through a visual display of hotties (and the one five-year-old…it’s just wrong to call him hot…he’s more of an adorable-type) and choose who will be crowned MR. SEPTEMBER!

Voting will end on Monday morning. Good luck contestants.  May the cutest win a year supply of the glorious beverage we all know and love.  Let’s begin!

1. Cowboy Take Me Away

Careful ladies…he’s taken. IHGB reader Abigail sent this picture of her husband, the cowboy, drinking a Dr Pepper after a long day’s work of haulin’ hay and wrangling horses. I don’t know if that’s necessarily true, but it works for this photo. Yee haw indeed!

2. Me Encanta

I love this photo! Reader Rinn works at Pepperdine University in Malibu, and explained that this man is a part of their International Program in Buenos Aires.  Students call him “Abuelo.”  Could you just die?  He was visiting Los Angeles and decided to try Dr Pepper for the first time! I’m so glad Rinn was there to capture the moment on camera!

3. Alive at Five

And here’s another cute boy who is tasting Dr Pepper for the first time! Kelly told her son Jackson that he could drink a Dr Pepper when he was in Kindergarten. I hope his eyes don’t stick like that from the shock of the wonderful flavors hitting his taste buds. So stinkin’ cute.

4. Dr Pepper Strong

When Christina sent this picture of her husband Benson to me I thought, “Hot shirtless guy in front of life-size Dr Pepper…what’s not to love?” I’m just saying.

5. Some Guy in Austin…with a Diet Dr Pepper

It’s only taken me 12 months to get my friend Some Guy in Austin to finally submit a Dr Pepper picture. I was almost forced to Photoshop a can into this picture,

…but I refrained. Because that would be embarrassing for me to publish his “early modeling days” photo on my blog.  Again.  For the third time.

It’s time to vote! You can vote here in the comment section, drop me an email or sound off on Facebook. Have fun and good luck!


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