The Mysterious “P”

This is a picture of my hand.


The reason I took a random picture of my hand is because I can’t for the life of me remember what the “P” is supposed to remind me to do. I keep trying to convince myself that it means “POST” but that is just me trying to feel better about my terrible short-term memory. I wrote it THIS MORNING and have no clue what I’m supposed to do. I welcome any ideas or suggestions. I’m sure those of you who embrace the comment section will not let me down. My bet is that some will take a turn for the creative and I simply can’t wait!

1. That ketchup packet is from Chick-Fil-A. It’s pretty darn close to rivaling Whataburger in the supreme drive-thru condiment race. I’m unsure why the ketchup packet is all up in my workspace though. Since I’m off the carbs again, I rarely eat anything that requires dipping in ketchup. Come to think of it, the abnormal ketchup placement may be as mysterious as the enigmatic “P” which kick-started this post to begin with. Interesting.

2. Yes, that is my beloved Jim Halpert forever captured in Post-It form. I once mentioned him HERE years ago when I posted about my desk contents. He’s more of a decoration than an actual office item I use. Unless it’s a special occasion. I’m so glad he and Pam live in Texas now.

3. Fun fact: I keep my to-do list in a paper calendar. Yes. A PAPER CALENDAR. I’ve tried electronic, and it just doesn’t work for me. I like to see everything written out. Another fun fact: I worked from that picture’s to-do list for a good two minutes before I realized that it was a list from March. I’m sure the person who put the ketchup packet in the middle of my desk decided to flip my calendar to screw with my head. Crafty.

4. That white thing with the blue wrapper right above my pointer finger is the best eraser in the world.

5. The toe thumb is a figment of your imagination.

Since typing this post, I’ve determined that the “P” does not stand for:
1. Pablo. As in Juan Pablo.
2. Peanut butter
3. Petting zoo
4. Pete’s Dragon

Your turn!


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Paint your fingernails??? Just a thought- notjudging- maybe it was for a hot weekend???


Print…something fabulous?

Passport, though I’m sure your is current…


peppers, for supper…


Got it…to buy something purple/plum to go with this season’s color scheme. Said item might be found at Pier 1, but you should check with the ABC intern first.


I hope I’m not getting too personal, but maybe it’s “P” for getting your period? To remember to mark it in your Paper calendar? I always write a “P” in mine to keep track.
Maybe it’s not a “P” at all! Maybe it’s a sideways lowercase “d” – for Desiree, perhaps?


Pre-posting about your availability Monday for Bachelorette blogging??

Predictions for the big winner?


Pepper of the Dr variety for sure. 🙂


“P” for “pay credit card” is usually the only reminder I have to write on my hand. I am still working on that whole avoiding late fees thing 😉 I don’t know how other “adults” handle it EVERY month?! Also, I love you, but I’ve seen the toe thumb and I can’t unsee it. It. is. awesome!


The P is for Pepper…as in Dr. Pepper! Go ahead and have one! 🙂

And I just have to say I am SOOOOO with you on a paper calendar. The whole electronic thing does not do a thing for me in that regard with having to do lists and appts. I need to see it in writing.


Today is brought to you by the letter P!
P is for printing.
P is for posting.
P is for purple.
P is for people.
P is for PROCRASTINATE. Which my kids are experts at.

Good luck and make sure you post us the results. If you ever figure them out!


P is for pee. You are holding it too long and are trying to avoid a painful urinary tract infection. You get so caught up in work, to-do lists, dipping and erasing stuff and sticking Jim Halpert’s face to stuff that you need that little reminder to hit the loo.


These are all valid, but it’s now the end if the day and I still can’t remember!


Pray — that you will be walking down the street, lo and behold! There’s Jim Halpert! I know that’s what I pray for! Yes he’s my secret boyfriend and I’ll fight you to the death for him!

No really, pray?

Fan in AZ
Fan in AZ

Press release?
PR plan?
Print something?
Plant something?
Plan something?


Pina Colada! It’s still only 6:00 where I live – cocktail anyone?

Or maybe pizza! Or pasta! Oh wait – you said no carbs. (Can you tell I haven’t had dinner yet?)

My 10 year old son says Plunger! (I may or may not have referenced the “pee” suggestion someone earlier mentioned to him, which may or may not have made him think about toilets…)

Okay, it’s Friday and I’m really tired, so that’s as far as my brain will work!


You must check out Jimmy Kimmel’s baby bachelor spoof on It is hilarious!!!