The “S” is for SUPER

When I was a kid back in the 1900s, there were two heroes in my life: Superman and Batman. I was especially fond of Superman II, because Christopher Reeve was ever so dreamy and it was fun going around the house asking everyone to “KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!”

When Batman came out in the late 80s, I adored Mr. Michael Keaton. We did a pep rally routine to “Batdance” that rocked the gymnasium. There were capes and jokers. I’m just saying.

Then I experienced a bit of a superhero dry spell. It wasn’t until Robert Downy, Jr. showed up on the silver screen as Tony Stark (I prefer the Tony character to the actual Iron Man character) that I began paying attention to the buzz behind the beloved superhero again. Being the connoisseur of pop culture that I am, I feel it is my duty to point out the caped crusaders that will soon bombard our movie previews and late night talk show circuit.


You think Chris Hemsworth looks familiar and can’t seem to place him? He was the father of Captain Kirk for about six minutes before he risked his own life to save millions on the last Star Trek movie. He’s also the big brother of Miley’s old flame and fellow Last Song starlet, Liam Hemsworth.

You are welcome.

The Green Lantern

Annnnd you are welcome again.

It’s no surprise that IHGB Hall of Famer Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern is something I’ve been looking forward to for months now. I’m even willing to overlook Serena Vanderwoodsen as the love interest in this flick and will probably own it for the shirtless scenes. Oh come on. I’m only writing what most of you are thinking.

Captain America

Hello minute 1:29! Let me just say that Chris Evans is someone I usually forget about. Or, I think he’s Josh Lucas. Or I can’t remember his name all together and just call him the hot guy (literally) from Fantastic Four. However, I think after Captain America, pretty much all of America will remember this dude’s name.

Now it’s your turn. Who am I forgetting? I know, I know. Go ahead and say it with me…Wolverine. Don’t hate me, but I think the weird beard is creepy and that sound when his claws come out makes my teeth hurt. Love Hugh Jackman though.

Thoughts? Spiderman? The Hulk? Cyclopes? Bueller? Is this thing still on? Hello? Mom?

All you nerds who are still with me, feel free to comment below and KNEEL BEFORE ZOD.


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