These are my confessions

There are moments in my life when something happens and I smile on the inside, knowing that it’s going to be great blogging material.  There are other instances in which I feel so silly at what just unfolded and I am glad no one was there to witness what I just did.

Since I’ve made this big announcement that I will be blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY IN NOVEMBER (what was I thinking) I am coming up a little short in the creative department this morning.  And the only thing that keeps popping into my head is what happened last week.

And it’s one of those “don’t tell anyone” categories. 

It was mildly humorous.  And since this website is all about entertaining the masses, I decided that I needed to suck it up, write it down and suffer the consequences of finger pointing and eye rolling.

Speaking of eye rolling…

For about two weeks, I’ve felt a sense of dizziness while driving to work.  I’m fine driving home, but driving to work was miserable.  My eyes would not focus.  I would rub them.  Blink them.  Check for weird foreign objects in them.  Then I wondered if my polarized sunglasses were adjusting to the recent time change and the sun being in a different position as I made my way down Highway 59.

Hey.  That’s not random.  I actually thought it.  I was hoping for anything but “you-just-turned-34-and-are-getting-old-so-get-over-yourself-and-get-some-glasses-already.”   

The morning of the second week, I became really concerned.  I pulled in to my parking garage at work, took off my sunglasses and immediately felt better.  I was convinced that they had melted in the sun and somehow warped, causing me to not be able to focus properly.

I flung them across the seat where they landed on a white piece of paper.

And that’s when I noticed that a lens was missing from the left eye socket.

Feeling pretty stupid?  Of course.  Excited that I’m not going blind?  You betcha. 

It’s sort of like the times when I attempt to use my key-less car entry to get in the door of work.  I will sit there for a good 10 seconds clicking the button at the door knob, wondering why it won’t open.  Sadly, I’ve done that on more than one occasion. 

I blame it on the headaches I’ve developed in the morning from trying to focus in my left socketless sunglasses. 

Please tell me you know what I’m talking about.  This happens all the time, right?  RIGHT?


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