This is 40…almost

funny Christian blog-Happy Birthday Lincee

In exactly 40 days I will hit a significant milestone in the birthday department. That’s right people. I’m turning 40.

I decided the best way I could ever celebrate with my IHGB friends and readers is to announce a little service project I’m calling “40 Random Acts of Kindness.” Here’s how it works:

WHAT:  Simply seek out a moment to bless someone with a random act of kindness.
WHEN:  The next 40 days.
WHERE:  Anywhere you see a need.
GOAL:  40 random acts in 40 days

My hope is that by the time my big day rolls around, some of you will participate in a random act of kindness that benefits a complete stranger. It can be as innocent as holding open a door for a woman at the mall. It can be as generous as paying for someone’s meal behind you in the Chick-Fil-A line or volunteering at a homeless shelter.

If you decide to participate in my challenge, please email me explaining your kind gesture. I will compile a post detailing everyone’s stories that will publish on November 4.

Are you worried that you won’t have an idea of what to do? Visit THIS SITE for help and THIS SITE if you’re feeling extra creative.

This idea started out as a tiny seed that was planted about three years ago. I am very excited to see how it grows! #40in40


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