This is why I love Emma Stone

I’ve written about my love for Emma Stone HERE once before, but this video is proof that she is awesome.

So is Jimmy Fallon for that matter. I’d host a dinner party for the two of them and their significant others.

I’m off to listen to Blues Traveler now.


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Robyn :)

Emma is much better at the lip syncing, but Jimmy has better dance moves.


Thanks so much for the entertainment! I love Emma Stone, too! It is so nice to see a young actress who has true talent (and how!) who isn’t living her life out in the public eye, and making a spectacle of herself. Except on Jimmy Fallon, of course!


I LOVE Jimmy and am not a huge fan of Emma Stone (she dissed on my home state while filming The Help) but I absolutely LOVED this. Best battle ever. And yes, my boyfriend, Jimmy, has better moves.


Hi Lincee!

Did you see her on SNL when Andrew Garfield was hosting? She was funny during his monologue, but they do a hilarious bit when they’re trying to film their final kiss in a Spiderman movie.

Thanks for sharing the clip, and I would bring a delicious appetizer to that dinner party if it ever happened! LOVE them!


I LOVE this video. I could watch it everyday!