Three reasons to see the new Harry Potter

I was one of the dorks who went on opening day to see the Half-Blood Prince this past Wednesday. It’s a tradition that I’ve kept since the first movie. That time, I went by myself (because none of my friends were cool enough to know that this is a pop culture phenomenon they NEED to be a part of) and made friends with the kid behind me who was dressed up as Harry Potter waving a fake wand. We played chess in line. Wizard’s chess.

I thought the movie was excellent, but there are three definite reasons to hot miss this film on the big screen:

1. Alan Rickman as Severus Snape


I love the way he says his lines. With. Perfect. Delivery.

2. Jessie Cave as Lavender Brown


This picture is from one of the funniest moments in the entire movie.  This girl cracked me up so many times.  She was perfectly cast.

3. Freddie Stroma as Cormac McLaggen


Hello Stroma!  You put me in a coma.  Hot tamale.

I give my full recommendation. Two thumbs up from yours truly. Have you guys seen it yet? Or are you planning on going this weekend?  Will you be wearing your Muggle t-shirt?  Or Gryffindor gold and crimson scarf?


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HOT TAMALE IS RIGHT!!! Call me shallow but Stroma is a good enough reason for me to go! I think I may need a stream of ice water being served to me the entire time though!


Great movie! I went to the 12:01 am showing…and I think Lavender Brown was my favorite part of the movie Hi-Larious


Have you ever seen Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner?! It pretty much sucks, but Alan Rickman played the Sheriff of Nottingham to PERFECTION! When I read the first HP, I totally pictured him as Snape. He’s such a talented actor. It made it much easier to hate him when he cheated on Emma Thompson in Love, Actually. Rat bastard.

Where's my Won-Won?!
Where's my Won-Won?!

I saw this opening day too. So. Good! My favorite Harry Potter movie yet. I have every intention of seeing it again sometime this weekend.


So MAD!!! Ok, I LOVE Harry Potter but thought this was the worst film yet- I came out of the movie so mad!
So First- what the heck are they thinking totally making crap up that did not even happen in the book? I can understand and forgive leaving stuff out. I mean, I would love a 6 hour HP film, but lets face it, its not going to happen. But it is not necessary to throw in stuff that not only doesn’t happen in the book, but also makes no sense! Why do death eaters attack the Burrow?? (Which would have magical protection around it) And they apparently show up for no reason, just to taunt Harry, and then just leave for no reason! It accomplishes nothing except taking up 20min of the movie when they could have been including stuff that actually happens in the book! Like, umm, the finale at the end that doesn’t happen!!

Second- the movie was really choppy. They just skipped from one thing to the next- no transitions or anything. I really came away with whiplash!

Third- In my opinion, this movie should have focused on the memories of Voldemort, Voldemorts past, and Malfoy. This book basically acts as an intro into the last book. So why was the whole movie centered around who is snogging who and left out half the memories and did not even explain a lot of what would be necessary to understand the next movies?? I mean, I completely agree Lincee- Lavender Brown cracked me up. But do we really need to make that a main focus of the film? They totally could have done all that teenage lust stuff as a background plot.

Finally- I must say whatever intern on the set of HP told Daniel to act “drunk & stupid” when he takes the Felix potion should be fired. I’m just sayin…

OK, I’m done being mad. Here’s hoping the next 2 movies are much better!!


Yeah, the movie was great! It was a much better adaption than the debacle that was the 5th movie. Plus, I loved the extra helping of Looney Lovegood, who just cracks me up. Only 300pp left in book 7. Can’t. Finish. Fast. Enough.


#5–yeah, the attack on the Burrow was unnecessary. But, I didn’t mind the battle being gone. Rowling, in my opinion, is least good when writing action scenes.


If you guys love Alan Rickman, you have GOT to rent a small, not well known movie called Truly, Madly, Deeply. It is one of the best movies ever and Alan Rickman is faboo!

And of course my favorite villain ever is Hans Gruber in the first Die Hard. I HEART Alan Rickman and he is absolutely PERFECT as Severus Snape. Not dorky enough to see it on the first day (I save that for Star Wars and LOTR) but will see it soon, maybe even this weekend!


Going to see this in a few hours!! So excited to ditch my kiddos and go to the movies! lol

East Texas Girl
East Texas Girl

I completely agree with Micah. I thought the movie was not great. It was so SLOW and definitely left out a lot of important details from the book. My suggestion, save your ears and read the book again.


WHAT?!?! Seriously, did you see this at a movie theater near League City? Because my sister-in-law was there wearing BOTH her Muggle T Shirt AND Gryffindor Scarf!! I kid you not!


I was one of the crazy’s who saw it at midnight and waited in line for 2 hours before hand (got my tickets 2 weeks ago too). It was awesome! My favorite so far. (Possibly because 6 is my least favorite book so I wasn’t expecting too much from the movie anyway) I thought I would be upset with the stuff they left out but I wasn’t with the exception of a detail or 2. I liked the burrow scene but agree with #5 that it wasn’t nessacary. I couldn’t stop laughing through most of the movie though, very funny. And Lavender was my favorite!
I read on Wiki that the battle at Hogwarts was left out because it would have caused repetition with the battle in the final movie and it was felt by the screen writer and director that it wasn’t a nessacary part of the 6th movie like it will be for the final movie. The funeral was left out because it was felt like it wasn’t important to include. (Which I don’t agree with but o.k.) I think that the powers that be assume that most of the people who see the movies are ones who have read the books so it isn’t nessacary to put every detail that we as readers think needs to be included. For instance, in # 3, I think they should have actually said who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs were. It’s kind of important for the rest of the series, but they didn’t feel like they needed to include that information that would have taken 2 minutes to explain, but I digress. 😉
But all in all, I was impressed with this one, although I do agree it was slow in spots and was choppy. But I can’t wait to add it to my DVD collection and I can’t wait for the final two movies!


I saw the movie yesterday, and loved it. In my top 2 among the 6 movies.

I agree 100% with your #1 reason, Alan Rickman does an amazing job playing Snape.


Loved it. I recognize that it’s an adaptation so I didn’t get mad at the changes. For me, it’s the spirit of the book and the story, and the parts that they did choose to portray were brilliant. Luna, Lavender – EXCELLENT. Fred & George’s store, Quidditch – FABOO! And Alan Rickman. Sigh. I have hearted him for a long time, and in this movie he just had to say, “You just (insert significant pause) know.” Really terrific.


Agreed on all counts! I went to the 12:01 showing and it was fantastic! LOVED the movie and there’s nothing like being there with hundreds of other Potter die-hards – it’s so worth getting only 3 hours of sleep and then having 3 days left in the work week to get through!