Throwing back Thursdays

The “Throwback Thursday” phenomenon is something I’ve been doing for a long time. Except I called it “So There I Was” which is an equally awesome name.

Once I posted this picture:


It was an epic hair day that I thought needed to be immortalized on the World Wide Interweb. Read all about it by clicking HERE.

I never expected in a million years to receive no less that 40 emails from friends, childhood classmates and a few acquaintances FOUR YEARS LATER who were concerned that the above picture had been plastered all over Facebook with the teaser “27 Hilarious Kid Haircuts That Will Make You Cringe!”

Excuse me?

Listen Random Site That I Never Knew Existed And I’m A Little Skeeved Out That You Have My Picture…that curly ball on the side of my head is FLAWLESS. Cringe-worthy? Heavens NO! Celebration-worthy is more like it. Anyone who lived in the 80s knows the delicate balance that must be managed when working with that many sponge rollers and that much Aqua Net. Not to mention the fact that it was PICTURE DAY and I still achieved greatness. Can you imagine the pressure I was under, considering the fact that a perfect outfit had been chosen and nary a zit had popped up over night? The hair made the picture!

Here’s the link: CLICK HERE. What do y’all think? I’m no expert, but the young man in slot number five must have driven his Mama to take up yoga and Lexapro. Bless his heart, that picture is probably in his rehearsal dinner PowerPoint this very moment, but my curl ball can never be compared to worm bangs. Am I right?


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