Thursday Thirteen

2007 was a big movie year for me. I saw a ton of films and have ranked my top 13 in the list below. Enjoy!

13. Knocked Up
I can’t help but laugh whenever Seth Rogen is on the screen. Lots of potty humor and very crude. My Mother would be so proud…

12. Fantastic Four
The show wasn’t that great. I was forced to watch it on a plane to Colombia. But Johnny Storm made it bearable.

11. Spider-Man 3
Call me crazy, but I don’t think Tobey Maguire can pull off “scary Spidey” very well. It was a fun action flick though. Minus that awful dance sequence in the restaurant.

10. Shrek the Third
How cute were the little Shrek babies? And I loved when Snow White called the birds to attack the trees. And the frogs singing, “Live and Let Die” was absolutely classic.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
I find it crazy that we had to watch about 30 minutes of the show before we saw Johnny Depp. But then it was worth it.

8. Superbad
Again with the horrendous potty humor and language, but I am McLovin Michael Cera. He will always be George Michael to me.

7. Music & Lyrics
There will be no judging. See video below.

6. Ocean’s 13
I heart Matt Damon.

5. Transformers
Shia LaBeouf…not quite sure how to pronounce his name, but he’s a cutie!

4. Enchanted
Fun family fun for the holidays. Take the kids and enjoy!

3. Bourne Ultimatum
Did I mention that I heart Matt Damon?

2. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix
Harry’s growing up ladies and gentleman. Only two more movies and the series is over. I wonder what he’s going to do with all that money?!?

If you do not own this movie yet, you must go out today and purchase it!


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