It’s time to give a shirt

I watch The CW.

I understand that this is not news to any of you who know me or visit this site on a regular basis. My love for teenybopper shows started way back in 1998. If we were forced to put a label on it, people would have to describe me as loyal or consistent. Or maybe someone who appreciates a good love triangle.

EXHIBIT A: Team Pacey — Dawson’s Creek
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Remember that summer Pacey lived on a boat and came back all grown up like a real man? Me too. Decade-old spoiler alert: I could not have been more thrilled that Joey picked Pacey in the end, instead of Dawson.

EXHIBIT B: Don’t Make Me Pick — Felicity
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I completely understood Felicity’s angst. Let me be clear — I wouldn’t run out and chop off all my hair, but I do see the dilemma. How in the world are you supposed to choose between Ben and Noel?

EXHIBIT C: Team Damon — The Vampire Diaries
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So what if he’s a vampire and rips the heart out of innocent people? That grin slays me!

EXHIBIT D: Team Elijah — The Originals
funny entertainment blog-Elijah

I’m beginning to see a pattern here with the whole vampire thing, but look at how this guy wears a suit!

EXHIBIT E: Team Wade — Hart of Dixie

Do you know what is more attractive than shirtlessness?

A sense of humor.


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