Tony is PUMPED!

01Let’s face it…Tony DOVOLANI could care less right now that Nancy O’Dell has a fancy brace on her ankle that matches her “you’re too old for this” mini dress.  Tony has a shot at the sparkly disco ball trophy!  Not since season two’s WWE wrestler Stacey Keibler has he been so excited to face the trio of judges.  Melissa is his golden ticket to first place.

And why is everyone so shocked that Mel can learn a dance in two days?  She has a DANCE BACKGROUND.  She went through DCC training camp.  I think it was tough, but of course she can do it.  I think the more obvious questions are: a) where can I get one of those bedazzled stickers to cover up my tramp stamp? and b) was that not an amazing crazy fro she was rockin’ last night in her salsa?  You know how I love fake hair.

I’ve almost forgotten that she is a Bachelor reject.  Have not forgotten her cheerleader background since her mouth is open the majority of the time.  Mel needs to pull back on the teeth whitening chemicals and go up a shade in self tanning.  That smile is bright and FIERCE!   

With that said, I’m rooting for Melissa and Tony.  Dancing with the “Stars” is back people.  Embrace the fringe.


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