Too blessed to be stressed

My sweet cousin wrote that on a flash card and slipped it into my one-inch pile of Spanish vocabulary words and phrases my Freshman year at Baylor when I was a nervous wreck over taking my first final exam.

Fast forward to this morning. I’m a nervous wreck about the Offshore Technology Conference that will take place next week. I feel anxious for every little thing going on around me. I wonder how it is all going to get done. I stress over details that aren’t going my way. I take each challenge personally and wonder if vendors and customers have finally figured out I’m a complete idiot. I’m pretty sure I’ve mastered the art of eating an entire hamburger in the span of five seconds because I had to get back to the office. As a result, I’m developing heartburn. That makes me feel like an old lady which induces more stress which I’m sure is giving me wrinkles and gray hair as I type this sentence. I even feel guilty that I haven’t posted since Saturday. Just this morning, I added (with a star) to my ever-expanding to-do list: “POST SOMETHING GREAT OR YOUR READERS WILL STOP READING.”

I have this great story about a massive fish I caught this weekend. It involves a fishing pole, golf cart, a two-year-old, Bob the neighbor and my Daddy’s pants falling off. It has humor, shock value, East Texas livin’ and really paints a beautiful image about woman verses nature. Plus I took a picture of the end result. I rarely post pictures of myself on this thing! I really want to do the story justice and I just don’t have the time to sit down and pour into it like I feel you all deserve.

Cue the guilt washing over me again. I’m seeking therapy.

But then I received an email from my friend Keri that included a link to the video below and decided the epic fish story could wait until Thursday. I understand and embrace the fact that my previous post was all about Jesus. Prepare yourself for a second helping.


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