Turn on the air conditioner

Because Hotter Than Crap Brad is back!

Isn’t he pretty?

I heard that the new Bachelor would be announced on Dancing with the “Stars” tonight.  Of course, I got sucked into the awesomeness that is “Chuck” and totally forgot to tune in.  You can imagine my surprise when I received a Facebook message from IHGB reader Kodi that THE WEATHERMAN was the new Bachelor.  Then my Blackberry really started to blow up with messages like, “NOOOOO!” and “I thought he liked guys?”

Clearly, something fishy was going on and it had Our Host Chris Harrison’s name written all over it.

Apparently, Harrison shared via Twitter that the man sitting beside him in the audience was the new Bachelor.  One quick pan of the audience before a commercial break revealed Our Host next to our favorite ambiguously gay friend.  Three commercials later, Tom Bergeron announced Hot Brad as the next Bachelor.

I’m telling you.  Harrison rocks.  And he lives to mess with people.  Only Hare could convince ABC to fly Weatherman out for the night to sit beside him for a five-second quick shot of the audience.  In one word?  Brilliant.

The Hare has talents.  I implore you ABC…PLEASE USE THEM MORE OFTEN.

It doesn’t bother me that Hotter Than Crap Brad has been given a mulligan.  Some of you think he was boring.  Some of you hate the fact that he didn’t pick anyone at the Home Depot proposal pedestal during his original season.

As I told another IHGB reader:  “Kellie.  Concentrate on his abs.”

It’s also acceptable to maintain focus on his piercing blue eyes.

Let’s face it.  It would be great to have someone new, but ABC experienced its highest numbers when HTCB was the Bachelor.  If we are going to recycle unsuccessful Bachelors of past seasons, I think we are looking at the best case scenario.

Say it with me:  “At least it’s not Jake.”

But this is just my opinion.  Feel free to sound off in the comment section and let me know what you think.  Will you be tuning in?  Is it fair that HTCB got a do over?  Will he and Harrison become best friends forever and share bourbon and cigars in the Pier  One Bureau room?

Here’s hoping…


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