TV Crushes

Every once in a while, I like to share my inappropriate “never-gonna-happen-so-get-over-it” boy crushes with the lovely readers of I Hate Green Beans.  It’s therapeutic.  Join me in my own personal fantasy, won’t you?

Tim Riggins


He’s the bad boy on Friday Night Lights who every girl in Dillon wants to fix.  I prefer him in his fullback attire.  Those brooding eyes.  That hair.  Go Panthers!

 Billy Abbott


Billy Miller (the actor who plays Billy Abbott) is the best thing that has happened to Young and the Restless since Shelia Carter came back looking like Phyllis and tried to steal Lauren’s baby.  He has a charm about him that is infectious.  Love him!

Ryan Abbott


Well what do we have here?  Hello Tiger! 

Meet my friend Christopher J. Hanke.  He’s one of the most talented people I know.  And I’m excited beyond words that he is going to be in a new show on CBS this fall entitled Three Rivers.

About three months ago, I received an email that said, “Check out this behind the scenes look of the show.”

I click the link and am waiting for Hanke to pop up on a gurney with a bullet wound or as a surgical assistant handing the ER doctor a scalpel or something.  Little did I know that he was a MAIN CHARACTER of the show!  He’s the transplant coordinator with a heart of gold! 

And he’s so funny and so HANDSOME!

CBS loved him so much that they gave him a flip cam to take around for a day and document his random musings.  Check it out here.

I’m so excited for Christopher to make it big in Hollywood.  Mainly because he deserves to achieve this life-long dream and partly because I have a really good shot at meeting Billy Abbott now. 

I’ll be conducting a short Q&A with Hanke closer to the premiere of the show, which airs Sunday October 4.  If you’re lucky, I might convince him to send me a shirtless pic (you know how I love the nine-pack).  I’ve seen the real deal.  He’s hot.  You have my permission to get excited because it is totally worth it.

Together…we can get him in People’s Sexiest Men Alive edition.  Are you with me? 

In the meantime, why don’t you join me in the comments section and tell the world your TV crushes?  I’d be willing to bet there are some guys out there who aren’t afraid to post their thoughts too. 

Challenge extended.


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