Two very cool things…

1. I received this picture (taken in Chicago) from IHGB reader Lauren.

I’ve reached national status. Watch out Oprah…HERE I COME!

2. One of my favorite movies of all time is making a sequel. CENTER STAGE 2! According to various websites, CS is going urban, yo:

“Kate Parker, a self-taught prodigy catches Jonathan’s eye and makes it into the American Ballet Academy. Sadly things don’t go as planned and she’s booted from the school — only to meet Tommy, an ex-hockey player and unlikely new ABA student (obviously) who crushes on Kate and gets her a job at a hot NYC nightclub, The Foundry. Well, needless to say, sparks fly and I am sure there is an amazing dance-off to end all cinematic dance-offs.”

It’s going to be on the Oxygen network in November and then head straight to DVD. I hear Cooper Nielson will be making a cameo!

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the best dance piece known to man below. Michael Jackson, red ballet slippers, glitter lipstick, boys in eye liner, motorcycles, impossible costume changes, fake tattoos and a cool move by the bad guy around minute six. And who thinks the feature girl Jodi at the end looks like Jennie Garth while she executes 97 pirouettes?

Oh stop judging and just watch.


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