Unruly: not submissive or conforming to rule

I asked it the last time she was arrested and I’ll ask it again…

Mary Mary…why you buggin?

Oh you haven’t heard? Thanks to several of my dear, sweet readers, I was recently informed via email and text and Facebook and Twitter that dear Mary Mary (our favorite Bob the Bachelor reject and sort of fiancé of Butch Wax the fisherman) decided to become “unruly” in a bar this weekend.

Let’s all say it together: “BLESS HER HEART!” She has officially fallen off the deep end. We need to hold an intervention maybe. Or form a support group for former Bachelorettes who are not allowed on ABC reunion shows anymore.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see here:

Who else should be in the support group? The gold-digger chick from Jesse’s season? Should we go ahead and induct DDAHnna? Or would her Daddy get mad and make me sleep with the fishes? What do you think IHGB readers?


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