Upon further inspection

I went to Target today (surprise, surprise) to buy some deodorant and milk.  About $50 later, I walked out with several more purchases.  Among them…the new People Magazine.

I’m sad to say that the inside is a tad bit disappointing.  Fortunately there is a section showcasing the sexiest man alive.  And Bradley Cooper has never looked better.

Bradley looks manly in his weathered denim shirt and scruff.  I like to imagine that I’m off to the right and Bradley is laughing at whatever witty or funny remark I just blurted out off the top of my head.  It was probably something along the lines of, “Hey Will Tippin!  What is up with the old man cardigan on the cover?  Please tell me you lost a bet.  Otherwise, guys like the one on page 148 are going to trump you in years to come.  Just kidding.  Wanna make out?”

Behold page 148…

Meet future Hall of Famer Alex O’Loughlin of Hawaii 5.0 YEAH.  After first pulling out my magnifying glass and discovering that yes that is a gecko tattoo crawling around his nipple area, I became a bit irritated with People Magazine yet again.  Why in the world would they put text over the four of the six best parts of this picture?



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