Vicodin induced haze

I’m hopped up on Vicodin.  Anything that I say in this post may not be used against me in the future.

Looks familiar doesn’t it?  That’s right dear readers.  I had a little knee surgery on Friday.  Nothing to be worried about.  Just a rare, weird piece of tissue  stuck under my knee that needed to be removed.  The good news is that you are reading the words of case number 487360 in the medical journal.  Score!  I’m a freak of nature!  My Mama always said I could grow up to by anything I wanted!

Needless to say, I received all of your emails, Facebook messages, tweets and smoke signals about the arrival of Ali’s suitors on the ABC website.  Once the buzz subsides, I’ll make sure to give you my initial thoughts before next week’s debut of the California Dreamin’ season.

Until then, let me know who you think has potential to win Ali’s heart!


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