“We didn’t participate in that…”

Raise your hand if you NEVER want to eat another piece of candy again?

Great.  You can put your hands down.

SHAME ON YOU!!!  THINK OF THOSE WHO ARE GOING CARB-FREE.  I would totally punch someone in the throat for one piece of chocolate.  I’d even settle for that lame nougat concoction that old ladies hand out in the orange and black wrappers.  Or the big orange marshmallow shaped like a peanut.

Just kidding.

Not really.

Last night, after the high school kid in a white t-shirt knocked on my door to score some candy at 9:00 p.m., I dug around in my picture box searching for Halloween costume shots from days of yore as I promised I would do in yesterday’s post.

I only found a few from college and beyond.  There was one with me holding a pumpkin, but I was in what appears to be a Little House on the Prairie inspired nightgown.  Behold…

I’m convinced Mama staged this photo. What two-year-old would knowingly stand perched beside a 70s stereo speaker holding her trick-or-treat pumpkin bucket? Good thing I had my candle so I could make my way back to the upstairs loft in the homestead. I find it interesting that I had bad hair and a double chin both then and now.

I learned to paint feline faces when I did my high school theater final exam on CATS. This picture was taken at our PiPhi Halloween party at Baylor. The pregnant chick was my roommate Caroline. She was not really pregnant. Why we thought this was funny, I have no idea. I do remember everyone taking this same “hold the baby” pose with her all night long. Good times.

This is one of my favorite costumes. I loved going around all night long asking people if they had seen any dalmatian puppies. It was a big hit. Sometimes I wear the wig when I haven’t washed my hair in a few days. I get a few looks in the grocery store and that’s okay.

I actually won a contest with this little gem. The entire thing cost me less than $10.

Wondering why in the world I didn’t have any elementary aged photos, I decided to call Mama this morning to investigate.

Me: “Do you remember any of the costumes I wore as a kid when we went out trick-or-treating?”
Mama: “I have no clue.”

Me: “Huh. That actually makes sense, because I can’t find any evidence that I ever celebrated Halloween.”
Mama: “GHOST!”

Me: “What?”
Mama: “GHOST! You were a ghost once. You had that plastic mask that gets sweaty in the nose holes.”

Me: “Are you sure? I really don’t remember that at all.”
Mama: “Yes. We lived in that house out north of town that sat way back in the woods.”

Me: “I don’t remember living there. As a result, I’m pretty sure that you are thinking of Jamie.”  (my sister)
Mama: “You’re probably right.”

Me: “I can’t believe you didn’t take us trick-or-treating when we were little.”
Mama: “We didn’t participate in that. I don’t like Halloween.”

Clearly, my affection for confectionery items did not stem from my mother’s genes. With that said, you guys did an amazing job with your costumes this year!  Thank you EVERYONE who sent in your creations.  I had no idea so many people read this silly little blog.  It truly humbles me when I think to invite readers to participate in the post.  It’s so much fun!

Here’s what I love about Cole from Louisiana:  His Mom said that he LOVES letters.  She dresses him as a pirate, hands him an “arrrrrrrr” to hold and puts and “I” on his patch.  Darling!

Robbie and Steve from Minneapolis are electrically in love with each other.  I love how the dude in the background is looking as if to say, “Oh.  I get it.  Nice.”

I’m not sure if Shannon should be proud or concerned that her son came up with this idea all on his own!  Very creative!

Amy from Branson assures me that this Dr. Seuss trio will totally be worth the fact that her hair will have a blue tint until who knows when.  That will not stop her from oh the places she, Thing 1 and the Cat in the Hat will go.

Who doesn’t love a good dog costume I ask you?  Kelli decided to paint a stripe down her dog Luci’s back.  Because nothing says, “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” like the threat of a skunk spraying you before you get to the lady down the street who hands out the really, REALLY good candy.  Good thing Kelli went as a can of tomato juice for such an occasion.

Elliott and her husband from Raleigh decided to really step up their game and challenge anyone within a five-mile radius of this Halloween party to beat their costume.  No one did.

Amanda from Richmond, VA told me that the real reason the chicken crossed the road was to talk to the baby puppy.

Allison submitted this photo through Facebook.  Her husband fashioned the R2D2 costume and I am totally impressed!  He must be the Han to her Solo.

My absolute favorite was Coleen who lives near Chicago.  As a Barbie Doll lover, I totally related with her version of the creepy in real life Barbie Doll Head idea!  Fantastic job!

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to share their photos with me.  You guys rock!


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